Membership in the Iowa Rehabilitation Association (IRA) is obtained when you register for membership through the National Rehabilitation Association (NRA).  Membership offers excellent opportunities to further develop your professional skills, knowledge and relationships. IRA provides comprehensive information about the issues, practices, and ethics affecting vocational rehabilitation in Iowa.

Benefits of Membership:

Advocacy: Membership in the IRA means that you are represented locally and nationally as a professional.

Networking: The IRA provides a wonderful opportunity for professionals across the state to network, get to know one another and also provide support as we work to help the individuals we serve.

Professional Development: Statewide training conferences, Networking events and Meet and Greets

Education and Training Credits: CRC/CEU credits are available at conferences

Student Involvement: Students are able to connect with a broader network of professionals who are already in the field and participate in professional development activities and networking.Ready to become a member?

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