Welcome to the Iowa Chapter of the Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association: IRCEA

History of this NRA Division:
You may recall, the NRCA (National Rehabilitation Counselors Association) had chosen to be independent of NRA and a new division, the Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association, or RCEA, had been established within NRA. Members of the old NRCA can choose to belong to RCEA, NRCA, both or neither.

The division’s official name is the NRA Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association (RCEA). Dues are $45 per year for NRA members. RCEA publishes a Journal designed with relevant articles to interest counselors, educators, and all RCEA members.

Members include Rehabilitation Counselors, Rehabilitation Counselor Educators, Researchers in Rehabilitation Counseling, Students in Training and Support Personnel to Rehabilitation Counselors.

RCEA strives to accommodate the professional interests and needs of all rehabilitation counselors, regardless of their work setting or job title. The Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association also dedicates itself to the pursuit of self-fulfillment of all persons with disabilities, providing opportunities for students to participate in professional activities and to interface with experienced practitioners in the field of rehabilitation.

What We are doing:
In Iowa, we have decided to take the steps necessary to become an official affiliate of NRA Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association (RCEA). The first step is for our current (unofficial) state division to approve new constitution and bylaws. Of the seventeen members, eight have been developing these documents with Lisa Chellew, IRCEA Vice President, taking the lead.
After the constitution and bylaws have been finalized, we will submit them and some other data about our Iowa division to NRA RCEA in order to become an official affiliate.

Again this year, we are accepting nominations for the Counselor of the Year Award at the Annual IRA Training Conference. Please refer to the link on the home page of the IRA website. Email your nomination by September 1, 2009 to Marcia Gracey at m.gracey@mchsi.com. Please contact me, Victoria Kollmann, at 319.230.8737 or victoria.kollmann@blind.state.ia.us if you have any questions or comments.

The IRCEA Board:
President: Victoria Kollmann
Vice President: Lisa Chellew
Past President: John Lee-Egan
Secretary: Suzanne Paulson
Treasurer: Jackie Wipperman
Board Member: Raymond Olejniczak
Board Member/ByLaws: Roger Carter

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